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Enlisted Branch nests with the Personnel Services Branch within the G1, Personnel Directorate. The mission of Enlisted Branch is to provide regulatory guidance, proactive communication, and on-call resourcing to Major Subordinate Commands and lower level units. Enlisted Branch provides customer oriented service and collaboration with commands in order to provide every opportunity for Soldier success.

Enlisted Boards:

Enlisted Promotion System (EPS):  EPS Promotion Boards are convened in order to fairly and equitably fill NCO vacancies for the KYARNG.  Soldiers must ensure they read the appropriate  Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) for the EPS Promotion Board that will consider them.  Soldiers interested in being promoted from E-4 to E-5 must review the FY20 Decentralized Promotion Board MOI.  Soldiers being promoted from E-6 to E-9 must review the FY20 Centralized Promotion Board MOI.  For a snapshot of the requirements for the EPS board, review the EPS FY19 Pamphlet.  If there are any discrepancies with the Soldiers packet based on the aforementioned guidance, Soldiers must submit a formal memorandum to the President of the Board.  A format can be found at Sample_Formal_Memo_to_the_Board_President.  It is also important for all Soldiers being considered before the board to realize and understand there are new options for regions they can be selected to serve.   New Regions (10 vs 6)_DRAFT_as of 19 MAR 19.
Review the EPS Board Trends to gain insight on the packet deficiencies and the positive trends identified by the Enlisted Promotion Board.  FY20 EPS Board Trends
Enlisted Qualitative Retention Board (eQRB):  The Enlisted Qualitative Retention Board considers all Soldiers who have at least 20 years of qualifying service for retired pay at age 60 as verified by a notification of eligibility for retired pay.  FY19 QRB MOI

Enlisted Opportunities:

Final Formation Program:  The Final Formation Program was designed to out process those Soldiers we cannot retain and those retiring to ensure Soldiers receive a proper transition.  Final Formation is also designed to provide one final opportunity for Soldiers to reenlist, offering opportunities for Soldiers to gain familiarity with incentives, transfer units, and eliminate any barriers to reenlistment.
Inactive Army National Guard (ING):  The ING is an effective way for a Soldier to stay in the Guard while taking a temporary reprieve from the rigors of the regular participation in the ARNG.  ING Brochure

Please see the links below the pictures for full-size Quick Reference as well as the MOIs in PDF form for download.



MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTION (MOI) Centralized Promotion Board:


MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTION (MOI) De-Centralized Promotion Board:


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