2-238th MEDEVAC Returns from Deployment

Staff Report

Staff Sgt. Stephen Parker and Staff Sgt. Shaun Morris, along with pilots, Capt. Jonathan Strayer and Chief Warrant Officer Kristan Beard, conduct hoist and joint MEDEVAC training with U.S. Marines over New Antonik, Afghanistan July 2020. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Ryan Hunter, 2nd Battalion, 238th Regiment MEDEVAC Flight Medic)

“This was a unique deployment,” said Capt. Jonathan Strayer, commander of Detachment 1, Charlie Company 2-238th Aviation Regiment. “Our aviation personnel were spread out across Afghanistan, providing critical Medical Evacuation support to our fellow deployed service members and allies as well as helicopter maintenance support.

We had Kentucky Guardsmen working tirelessly at almost every base across the country. Commanding a unit like this overseas in combat had its own set of challenges; Not only did our team have to maintain proficiency and readiness at our Forward Operating Base, but we also had to make sure our other soldiers were safe and well at their FOBs.”

He went on to say, “During the roughly three months we spent at our outpost, we performed numerous training missions, coordinated joint medical and flight training with Marines, Airmen, Special Forces, and civilian contractors, and kept our aircraft maintained to a high standard despite very limited resources.

The highlight of our time in theater however, was the 6 MEDEVAC missions we completed in support of American servicemembers. Ranging from spur-of-themoment urgent calls, where taking off more than 15 minutes after receiving the mission was unacceptable, to routine calls, where careful aircrew planning a coordination meant we could be better prepared for any scenario; we took all manner of calls and executed every one without any mishaps or accidents.

I’m sincerely proud and honored to have worked alongside every member of this team. This mission would not have been a success if not for their hard work and dedication to the mission, and the Soldiers to their left and right.”

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