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Story by Stacy Floden, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs

Approximately 40,000 new Soldiers and 7,000 prior service members will enter the formation each year looking for employment within the communities they live and serve and one way to get assistance is through Citizen Soldier for Life (CSFL), a National Guard sponsored program launched in September 2016.

CSFL has been established to enhance readiness and boost resilience. CSFL prepares and connects Army National Guard Soldiers and their immediate family, veterans, and retirees with financial and career education plus employment opportunities throughout the Soldiers life cycle in order to maintain a ready and resilient force capable of accomplishing the state and federal missions.

“We want each soldier to start out on solid ground. They must understand the importance of making good financial decisions, vigorously pursue educational and training opportunities and learn how to market themselves to prospective employers,” said Joe Brummett, Citizen Soldier for Life career readiness counselor. “I love working with young soldiers…as a career readiness counselor I have a duty to positively impact a soldier’s career decision making and hopefully set them up for success.”

The CSFL operates under the Kentucky National Guard’s Military and Family Support directorate. The program focuses on Initial Entry Training (IET) populations through the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) in addition to offering services to all National Guard members and their families who may be seeking civilian employment and financial assistance.

“It is very gratifying to me to be able to share my knowledge and help the Soldiers as they succeed in the Kentucky Army National Guard,” stated Teresa Scott, Citizen Soldier for Life career readiness counselor. “I believe this program is very important to our Guard members, retention, is so important. We want to help our Soldiers stay around for the long run. CSFL offers so much to our upcoming Soldiers and their families. No Guard Soldier should have to do without. We work with community outreach, building and keeping KYARNG strong.”

The career counselors for CSFL assist individuals in meeting Career Readiness Standards (CRS) as early in the Soldier life cycle as possible, and provide them with the fundamental skills necessary to obtain and sustain a fulfilling civilian career. The program works toward improving the financial literacy of the force through education and training.

Financial Literacy includes, but is not limited to: basic money management, retirement planning and building a 12 month budget. Program Counselors also provide National Guard members and their families with local, accessible resources, that is readily available should they need assistance.

Preparing Soldiers for the dual role of service and citizen through employment and financial readiness is the foundation for a culture that inspires Soldiers to continue to serve and bolster their position in the community.

“It is gratifying when I see Soldiers and families enjoying their careers. Learning to make the right decisions when it comes to their military career, life and families,” said Shafonia Johnson, Citizen Soldier for Life career readiness counselor. “It is nice when they come back to you and let you know that what you have done matters and is appreciated.”

The career readiness counselors in Kentucky are ready to take your call and offer guidance with finances, education, employment, career management and much more.

Kentucky’s Citizen Soldier For Life (CSFL) Career Readiness Counselors (from left to right) Shafonia Johnson, Joe Brummett, Teresa Scott

 Joe Brummett– Central-South East Region

Career Readiness Counselor

Citizen Soldier for Life

Office: 502-607-5247



Shafonia Johnson – Louisville-NE Region            

Career Readiness Counselor

Citizen Soldier for Life

Office: 502-607-2624



Teresa Scott – South-Southwest Region

Career Readiness Counselor

Citizen Soldier for Life



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